Founded in 2011, Cambria Beer Company is an independent and family owned artisan brewery. Up front is an intimate tasting room, where conversation is preferred over the blaring noise of the televisions and jukeboxes found in other sports bars or ale houses. In the back is the brewery. Yes we brew all of our own beers here. For a truly LOCAL and CAMBRIA experience you need to stop in and try our offerings.

Our beers are produced using the finest malts, hops, and yeast and each recipe is designed to highlight each one of those ingredients. We sweat the details in everyone of our beers and the result is a very drinkable beer.

First year production is about 2,000 gallons of beer or 65 barrels.

Cambria Beer Company - Come for a pint, stay for two

Family owned micro brewery in the heart of the West Village of Cambria California.