“The band is called the Byrom Brothers, fronted by Monty Byrom. Monty’s first major label deal was when he was fronting “Billy Satellite” in the early 80s. They had 2 Top 40 hits before things came apart as happens with so many young bands.

In the late 80’s Monty was producing other artists including Eddie Money. Monty wrote and produced one of Eddie’s biggest hits, the #1 charting and ASCAP most played song of the year, “I Wanna Go Back.

In the later 90’s Monty formed a more “Americana” type band, “Big House” that was signed to MCA Nashville. They had 4 Top 40 Country hits with 2 off each of their 2 MCA releases. After MCA Nashville was bought out, Big House was locked up in a legal limbo for some time and came apart.

Monty’s newest, and best band to date, is “The Byrom Brothers” with Monty on guitar & vocals, drummer Tanner Byrom, ( Monty’s brother and bandmate from “Big House”) , keyboard player Chris Neufeld,( from the Eddie Money Band) and respected studio ace Wil Anderson on Bass.

Between Pop & Country charts, a vocalist with 6 Top 40 hits and 3 other players whose hearts beat in unison, the fabulous “Byrom Brothers” an act that everyone will be talking about.”
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