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Linda Martin - Keyboard, Vocals
Ron Pagan - Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
Eric Stever - Saxophone, Vocals
Phil Youngman - Bass, Vocals
Don Utterback - Drums, Vocals

Linda Martin grew up on the back bay in Los Osos climbing oak trees and losing boots in the sticky mud. A classical pianist by training, she sang and played the piano and organ at her childhood church ...until she discovered the blues. Now Linda considers herself "a good girl gone bad." She is a dynamic and soulful singer with contagious high-energy that brings a unique groove to Back Bay Betty.

Ron Pagan is a self-taught musician who never took lessons. He grew up in the New York/New Jersey area and was surrounded by the music of many cultures. His father used to bring home records by artists such as Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Ike and Tina Turner, Temptations, Aretha, Ray Charles, etc. so Ron was immersed in many of the great artists at an early age. He started playing guitar at age 12 and never stopped. He also acquired a keyboard and taught himself to play by ear. He used to come home from school, put on a record, and play it over and over until he figured out every song. He still does that but uses a computer these days. Ron writes, reads, and improvises music. "It's my fountain of youth", he says. He records many of his compositions at his home studio. "These days, all you need is a Laptop, guitar or three, and a keyboard to do a whole album". Oh, and let's not forget talent! To Ron, it's all about getting into a groove and playing tastefully to serve the song. He wants people to feel what he feels when he is vibing to something that grooves. What a perfect addition to Back Bay Betty... welcome to the family Ron!

Eric Stever has played with multiple bands on the Central Coast including The Big Daddy's Blues Band, The Usual Suspects, Run For Cover, Backstreet Blues Band, Dave  Miller, The William Wingfield Quartet and now with Back Bay Betty.  A multiple instrumentalist and teacher he has now focused primarily on saxophone.  Influences include David Sanborn, Michael Brecker and Stanley Turrentine. From an early age he has exhibited the ability to find the groove in any setting to enhance his surrounding vibe. He will tickle your senses and make you feel like dancing.

Phil Youngman plays bass and sings with the band and is fondly referred to as "Funky Phil".  After many years of being involved in the southern California music scene, he has moved to the central coast.  He brings his own unique style of playing to the band and adds to that distinctive Back Bay Betty sound.

Don Utterback didn't start playing drums until he was 21. He says it all happened at the farewell appearance of The Cream at The Forum in LA. His senses were more than slightly enhanced that night as Ginger Baker "drummed" him into the ranks. Don said that living in The Canyon of Sierra Madre in the 60's was like living in Middle Earth without the Hobbits. "There was music and "celebration" everywhere. We put a band together and practiced day and night. After about a year, we began playing in the Pasadena and Glendale area. We had an agent and were playing some good events when we had a chance to travel to the San Luis Obispo and play at the "Irishman" across from the Courthouse. We fell in love with the area and in 1972 we all moved up here. " Don has played in dozens of groups over the past years including Motherball, Living Stone, Woodrose, and The Backstreet Blues Band, all steady working bands. He has jammed with many of the best players in town. Don is very happy to have joined Back Bay Betty in August of 2018 and he looks forward to many great times together!