The Driftwood Brothers

With a unique blend of “off the beaten track” covers and original music, the Driftwood Brothers play an eclectic mix of songs from country western to rock and roll and many points in between. The duo consists of Anthony Randazzo and Kevin Laugharn, each on acoustic guitars while trading off on lead vocals.  Kevin does the occasional lead while Anthony lays down the foundation on rhythm guitar.  Each writes music so their set is filled with unique songs that are easy to listen to.

Both live in Morro Bay where they have been longtime members of the surf and music communities. Their friends and local musical influences are Shane Stoneman, Craig Melia, Joe Koenig, Louie Ortega, as well as Dan Curcio of Still Time and Moonshiner Collective.

They just released their first studio CD with the help of a few of their close band mates in another project called Amablito. The title of the new CD is YMR, which stands for Yosemite Mountain Ranch. The title track reminisces about a ranch near Yosemite that has been in Kevin’s family for a few generations. 

Their music reflects their laid back lifestyle. The two are passionate about surfing, traveling, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, camping, and basically enjoying life in the great outdoors around Central California and around the world.

For Booking call Anthony Randazzo 805-550-5210 or Kevin Laugharn 949-285-7209.