Gino's Pizza 

Gino's Pizza is SLO’s new hot spot for live music, pizza, friends, and fun!

Enjoy traditional Italian recipes made with the freshest ingredients. They believe that pizza is one of, if not the only, heart-warming, mood soothing, create a party ambiance anywhere/anytime, comfort foods. Whether it is sunny, or cloudy outside, morning or night, pizza always has a way of lifting the spirits, and making things, well, PERFECT! It is because they take great pride in every aspect of making their pizza.

Gino's Pizza has been sharing its love for Pizza with families in Buellton and the 5-Cities area for years, and now have come to San Luis Obispo . Their new location at 1761 Monterey Street (where Grand Avenue meets Monterey St.), puts them in the perfect position to serve Cal Poly students, families from the surrounding neighborhoods, hotel guests, and the rest of San Luis Obispo. Come join the fun!