Mama Tumba is a high energy dance band steeped in African and Latin rhythms. The band is based in San Luis Obispo area and is comprised of some of the most accomplished world beat players the Central Coast has to offer. Tim Costa on percussion has an impressive list of professional credits including touring with Pato Banton, the Wailers, and is a guiding force in Mama Tumba. Paul Trent on guitar and percussion is the founder of Mama Tumba and has been the driving force in organizing local musicians interested in world music. We are honored to be playing with West African master drummer, Antiye Menseh, on drum set and djembe. Originally from Ghana, he has toured with the African show boys and brings a wealth of knowledge from his culture. The horn section includes the diverse talents of John Lee on saxes, flute and percussion. John has studied in Cuba and has a Master's degree in Afro-Latin music from Cal State LA. Jordan Adams on trumpet and Max Linsenbard on trombone add a youthful energy and are both a part of Cal Poly’s marching band. Karrie McKinney on djuns djuns (African bass drums), flute and vocals has been studying and performing West African drum and dance for the past ten years. Newer members include Lauren Riffle on vocals. She has performed at Carnegie Hall in her high school choir. Also recently joining Mama Tumba is Matthais Clark on lead and rhythm guitar. Matthias has played with African legendary trumpet player, Hugh Masekela and many world-class players.

The goal of the band is to bring people together to dance and to be in community. "Unity in Diversity" is a conscious theme we share. Mama Tumba is not just another dance band, but a complete multicultural show that embraces the oneness of all of us on planet Earth through the language of rhythm, music and dance.

The band’s totem, that is over a hundred years old, is a rare antique drum from West Africa. This drum was on its way to the Smithsonian Institute when Tim Costa made arrangements to purchase and care-take the "Mama Drum". 

To hire Mama Tumba for your event, please contact: 

Paul Trent