2018 Central Coast Music Sourcebook!

Advertise your band, venue, or music related business in sourcebook and get more business in 2018. 


The Central Coast Music Sourcebook is a local music industry guidebook connecting musicians, bands, venues, promoters, wedding & event planners, sound & lighting companies, and the local media. Who should get involved? 

BANDS:  Make yourselves visible to venues, promoters, and event planners. 

VENUES: Highlight your venue's offerings to event planners & promoters. 

MUSIC BUSINESSES: Whether you have a recording studio, record store, music school, music store, instrument repair shop, audio & lighting provider, audio engineer, or anything else music related, here's your chance to let the local music world know what you offer. 

2,500 copies printed & delivered to local music & event related professionals.  


  • November 22: Deadline for ad reservations
  • January 5: Publication & distribution begins - just in time for the 2018 concert season! 


Book and sizes: The Music Sourcebook is the same handy size as the popular Live Music Pocket Planner: 4" wide by 5.5" high.  This has been scientifically proven to stay with people longer! Ad sizes: 

  • FULL page: 4" wide by 5.5" high
  • HALF page: 4" wide by 2.75" high
  • QUARTER page: 4" wide by 1.375" high
  • EIGHTH page: 4" wide by 0.6875" high

Advertising Options:

  • Back Cover: $300 (SOLD OUT) 
  • Inside Front & Back Covers: $250 (SOLD OUT) 
  • Full Page: $200 (4" wide by 5.5" high) 
  • Half Page: $125
  • Quarter Page: $75
  • Eighth Page: $40

ALL advertisers will be included in the Big Big SLO online directory, and participating bands will get a complimentary 1 page EPK at bigbigslo.com. Many venues & promoters will be using this to shop for their talent in 2018!

Call Paul with any questions: (805) 441-3344. 

Welcome aboard! 

Here's a copy of the last Music Sourcebook: