Paul's Picks - December 18, 2014

Season's Greetings from BIG BIG SLO! 

My, oh my! I can't believe we're wrapping up 2014 already.  It's been a great big year of live music on the Central Coast, and t looks like all the major players in the scene are putting together some fantastic events for us for 2015.  Stay tuned & we'll be getting the news out to you as all the events are announced.  We've already seen Vina Robles announce their first show, Otter Productions has already announced the Avila Blues Fest lineup, and Good Medicine Presents has committed to seeing the music through at SLO Brew until the building comes crashing down, as well as producing other great shows at the Fremont, Madonna Expo Center, and beyond.  Next year will be great, so we've got a lot to look forward to.  Winter Solstice is just a few days away, which means the days start getting longer! Woo hoo! 

For this weekend, it is THE time to break out those holiday sweaters & jump into some great events.  Tonight - Get to SLO BREW for the Five Man Jingle Jam, featuring Damon Castillo, Dan Curcio, Rolf Gehrung, Joe Koenig, and Kenny Lee Lewis jamming on some holiday tunes.  Friday has local funksters Captain Nasty with the Monroe and Samba Loca out at TapIt Brewery for the Ugly Sweater party.  This should sell out, so try to grab tix in advance. 

On Saturday, Creekside Brewing has Wordsauce for their Funky Sweater party! These guys have actually made their own limited edition funky sweaters for purchase, so you may want to show up early for one! 

Sunday you can check out Cal Poly Arts event at the Spanos Theatre at the PAC: Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus.  Use PROMO code "Mars" and get 50% if there are any tickets left.  Should be great!  

As a kid, I grew up back in New England, so ice skating was definitely part of the culture.  Here's another cool reason to break out your sweater:  Madonna Expo Center has been transformed into a skating rink, and it opens Friday, 12/19!  Check it out here! 

Have you already figured out what you're doing for New Year's Eve??  Big Big SLO's TOP PICK for New Year's Eve goes out to the Zongo All-Stars Time Traveler Ball in Los Osos.  It was a blazing success last year, and is predicted to sell out.   It's a costume party, and you can come from any point in time you'd like (past or future), but just not now...   It's an easy $25 and you'll have a blast!  Details and tickets here!   

Be safe & see you at at the show!  Cheers!