Paul's Picks - February 5, 2015

“The party of the week has to be the Zongo All-Stars show this Saturday...”
— Glen Starkey, SLO New Times - Feb. 5, 2015

February is a big party time for San Luis Obispo.  Although not nearly as much as the good old days when Mardi Gras used to actually be a massive thing around here, the BIG PICK this weekend is the Cali Carnaval show at SLO Brew on Saturday.  In the spirit of Mardi Gras but the flavor of Carnaval in Brazil, Zongo All-Stars team up with Samba Loca and pro Brazilian dancer Sidney Nicol of Feathers and Fire Samba Dance in Santa Cruz for an outrageously fun evening!  Check out all the info here and get down and join in the fun!   

For those of you who want to take this seriously and show up with all the hot Brazilian dance moves, Sidney is hosting a Samba dance class with live drumming from Samba Loca earlier in the day.  If you act quickly, you can still get in on the fun. 

SLO Brew is also the place to be on Friday and Sunday. Friday has Pinback, the popular indie rock band out of San Diego.  Sunday has Abbey Road - a national touring act as a tribute to the Beatles.  They get great reviews, so expect a great show. 

Friday night seems to be an especially fun night to head out to Morro Bay.  I'm recommending you start out early at the Blue Sky Bistro for some great food & drink while you check out in intimate indoor concert with Kenny Blackwell and Wally Barnick.  That goes from 6:00 to 8:00, wrapping up just in time to go check out Guy Budd's new CD release party at the Libertine Pub - one block north on the waterfront.  If you still have some energy, just a few more steps north will take you to the Otter Rock Cafe, where Billy Foppiano and the Mighty Croondogs will take you up to midnight.  

The PAC will be the place to be Sunday and Monday.   Sunday is the the Second City's 55th Anniversary performance. These are the new rising stars of the comedy business, and should be amazing.  Monday is the acclaimed performance of Memphis, the Musical.  It looks great, too. 

Be sure to stay up to date with Big BIG SLO and we'll keep you in the know. 

Happy weekend & hope to see you all out at SLO Brew on Saturday!