The Poalillo Vineyards tasting room facility was built so people could enjoy fabulous wine, food and music in a stunning country setting. An important part of the tasting room/patio is the stage. When you visit you will see that the stage and tasting room were finished with weathered redwood and tin from a barn that stood on the property for approximately ninety years. Unfortunately, the old barn blew down in a winter storm in 2007.  Out of respect and appreciation for the history of rural California farms and ranches the Garretsons had the material cleaned and stored properly for it’s eventual use in the new facility. This gives the tasting room and patio a relaxed feeling kind of like slipping into your favorite pair of old denim jeans.

Come enjoy great live music in our beautiful setting.  We think you'll really enjoy it! 

  • Concerts run from 6:30 - 9:30 on Saturdays
  • $20 concert ticket includes your first glass of Poalillo wine and dessert. 
  • $15 gourmet dinners available 6:00 - 8:00, catered by Chef Mark Tamiso or Miss Oddette. 

Upcoming Shows: