Robi's Music is Passionately Delivered. His recordings go from Edgy Guitar to Beautiful Ballads! His Fluid Smoky Voice and Brain Teasing Lyrics will leave you thoroughly entertained! 

He surrounds himself with wonderfully talented musicians so it’s always a good mix both live and in the studio. He has returned to the Central Coast to share his music including his award winning CD... ROBI 1

"I was honored (along with John Cruz, & Gail Swanson) to open the Benefit Concert for Ruth's Ride Featuring David Crosby, Graham Nash & Jackson Browne - at the MACC cultural center in Maui, August 29, 2013 

I returned from two months in Russia Dec. 2013 - Jan. 2014, I recorded in Moscow with renowned engineer Sergey Petchenko, and the popular Russian band 'Rock Machine' featuring Sergey Osipov.

They recorded my song  "NO PRETENSE" & I performed on their song 'BUHAT' Released in 2015.

Look for my new recordings in the coming year...I'll be sharing my experiences, this wondrous thing called MUSIC, has taken me” with everyone at the  Wineries, Venues & House Concerts around the Central Coast (and around the world) ♫♪♫

Robi is also a member of the Paso Wine Man Band, featuring Casey Biggs.