We are devoted to preserving and cultivating the Gipsy Jazz style everywhere and anywhere we play, especially here on the Central Coast of California. We have successfully collaborated with the local "Swing Dancers" with our live performances and thus making it even more special for everyone.  We are for HIRE for any occasion: weddings, private parties, special events, restaurants, & clubs.

The Guitarists: Toan Chau, Forrest Williams, Ben Arthur, Patrick Pearson, & Samuel Boorman.
The Upright Bass Players: Brian Lanzone, Dylan Johnson, Josh Collins, James Gallardo, Matt Reeder, & Travis Harms.
The Violinists: Allan Dick & Jessica Livermore
The Vocalists: Jennifer Martin & Nick Larson
Horn Players: Wes Smith & Justin Au
Clarinet Players: Aaron Wolf
Mandolin: J T Matherly & Dan Keller