Holly Ann Lewis

Holly Ann Lewis is a California native singer-songwriter. Her music is a blend of folk, jazz, rock, blues and pop. Holly sings with inflection, versatility and emotion. Her voice is one that can draw the attention in any room, and also blend into any musical creation.  At 15 years old she started recording and performing in the San Francisco Bay Area with the band, "African Rain". They caught the attention of Grammy award winner Babatunde Olatunji, and for several years they played shows all over California. Shortly after, Holly went on to start her solo career in 1996, by releasing her first album, "You Will Fly". Since then Holly has released 3 solo albums, and has recorded and collaborated with many musicians from around the world, on a variety of recording projects. Currently Holly is performing on California's Central Coast, and she is in the studio recording her 4th album, to be released sometime in 2020.