FREE TICKETS HERE!  Big Big SLO Presents Locals Night at the Fremont!  

Let's make a scene!  Grab your FREE TICKETS below and enjoy a great show at the beautiful Fremont Theater in Downtown SLO.  If we make this a huge success, it may pave the way for a series of local band concerts!   


(Where did you hear about this show? Grab the free tickets under the band or Big Big SLO!) 

About Wordsauce: 

Wordsauce is an 8 piece Live Hip Hop/Funk band, based in San Luis Obispo, California, formed by drummer Bill Gerhardt and bassist Wesley Price in 2009. With guitarists Kevin Strong and Shawn Warnke, saxophonist Samuel Franklin, turntablist/producer Eric Mattson, and emcee/vocalist/producer Rick “Risko” Loughman all joining the band by 2010, Wordsauce began developing their own style of Hip Hop with live instrumentation.

Emcee/vocalist/conga player Patrick “June” Braddock joined the band in 2012 after meeting Loughman in a music history class in junior college. With a diverse combination of musical backgrounds, Wordsauce has thrived on open-mindedness in the song writing process and has established a sound that captivates crowds of all demographics.

Wordsauce mixes funky, soulful Hip Hop instrumentation with intensely rhythmic lyrical form. The variety of musical backings has driven group emcee Risko to expand his dynamics as a vocalist.


  • Risko - Vocals
  • Billy G - Drums
  • Wesley Price - Bass
  • Kevin Strong - Guitar
  • Shawn Warnke - Guitar
  • Sam Franklin - Sax
  • EMortal - DJ

About the Maybe Nots 

Maybe Nots play comfortably in limbo: halfway between Madrid and Washington D.C. and in the center of a love triangle between Soul, Rock and ninth-century R & B. This 2016, they publish their most ambitious project: Yes / No / Maybe, a triple EP composed of 15 bold and relevant songs. The orderly and sequential release of these three EPs throughout 2016 is not random, responds to their need to expose their ideas calmly, teaching the letters little by little until all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. The production, recording and mixing of each EP has been different and, although it is not a purely conceptual project, one of the objectives has been that the listener felt a clearly differentiated atmosphere in each volume.

In this project fits in an orderly fashion all the amalgam of styles that already presented in his previous works: the Easily EP (2012) and his long debut The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog (2014). But this new project shows a clear maturity of the band that has managed to intermix all its influences and achieve a very distinctive sound. The most interesting part of this project is that it is not designed to please you, nor to succeed following a trend, but rather it is born as the natural consequence of bringing together five restless and radically different musicians in their approach to composition and music creation.


(Where did you hear about this show? Grab the free tickets under the band or Big Big SLO!) 

About the Fremont: 

This historic theater has been a cultural institution in SLO since the 40's.  As of late, it has seen an amazing transformation into the best indoor live music venue in the county.  With new management and a passionate team dedicated to bringing high quality local, regional, national, and international acts - a whole new era of entertainment is born in SLO!